People and Place

People and Place 

I am always happy to meet clients and undertake consultancy.  I am a firm believer that art does not just have to be aesthetically pleasing, but can be used to transform the behaviour and way a space is interpreted.  Please see below for my statement about People and Place.


We all have experience of relationships whether they are good or bad fun or intense family or friend they are maybe what unites us as people. Guides to good relationships, self-help books, reality TV, and therapy are all paramount in our contemporary society. However although it is taken for granted that we create relationships with people, we also create relationships with the world around us; with our gardens, our homes, and our holidays and therefore also our schools, libraries, and of course Hospitals.

Buildings can alienate, they can cause amusement, and they can be held dear. How we enter/approach a building will effect our behaviour within it. Will it feel like part of the family or Lego land? Is it confusing, thereby creating insecurity or does it instil confidence? Whilst going about our activity within the space, do we respect it, relate to it, understand it? I believe that if we do – then our confidence is lifted and therefore both our behaviour and relationships with others in the space are more comfortable and easier.

Our relationship with school, for example, is incredibly important; it guides us through the most informative years of our lives, yet often little time is spent thinking about that relationship. A recent ‘Creative Partnerships Project at Birches Head High School (See Love Ties 2) asked pupils to write a Love Letter to their School – “That’s gonna kill us!” came the response back from year 10 pupils. Needless to say they all survived the three-day consultation and produced some remarkably emotive comments.

Although I have extensive Community Experience, my recent interests/experiences I have been concentrating on my own work within the public realm in both commissions and consultation. A recent project The Wall That Wished it Wasn’t There entailed working with Architects, Design Teams, Contractors and The Client (North Staffordshire NHS Trust) as part of Fit For the Future – a massive PFI New Build. Of course everyone in a complex team such as this has their own agenda. I see the role of an artist as making sense of, or pulling together these agendas. As a painter carefully chooses his/her pallet, my pallet is made from the concepts, ideas, thoughts, comments, aesthetic, feelings and function that each group of people connected with a space offers.

Using a combination of digital imaging and the written word, my work often culminates in a series of images that can not only identify what the possibilities are in a space, but also how/why the art will work. It is fundamental in projects such as this that art itself does not alienate. I believe the success of my previous projects has been in part due to my ability to communicate visual ideas. I am a firm believer in the fact that art is not difficult, it is just being able to believe what you see. I am also a firm believer in the creativity and experiences of others and will therefore work well as part of a team. I see a huge value in incorporating ideas and conversations from all interested parties. This creates a sense of ownership, which I believe should be integral to all new builds.

Details of Working Processes


  • Setting up and attending meetings when required
  • Discussions with appropriate parties
  • Site visits
  • Researching sites
  • Creative consultation/workshops
  • Creating relevant and professional images
  • Creative thinking and input into Design Team
  • Verbal, visual and oral Presentations
  • Where relevant advocating for arts
  • Produce monthly updates
  • Evaluation reports

 Examples of Proposals and Consultancy Work.






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