I have made work for a variety of National and International Gallery’s during the last 20 years.  Having graduated with a first class degree from Camberwell School of Art, I gained an MA from Chelsea School of Art in Alternative Media.  My work for exhibitions looks at the hierarchy that can exist in the art world and the role of the gallery in a contemporary society.  I am also interested in the boundaries offered by the four walls of the gallery space becoming less and less relevant with the development of digital media.

Not content with the strict rules of behaviour offered by the traditional white cube, early work saw the foyer space of the gallery being utilised for imagery. Seeing the entrance as the meeting point of the building and the visitor, the space where the external meets the internal, where we gain our first impressions, our first inkling as to how to behave in the space beyond.  I proceeded to create enormous, photographic images of parts of the human face – filling the floor with for example a wide-open mouth.  My interests lay in the subtle impact of self-consciousness as the viewer often walked blindly over the work; only realising the piece existed at all from the view at the top of the stairs.

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Paradise Junkie


Paradise Junkies is a Collaborative Design Studio between myself and Lara Skinner.  We combine photographic imagery with delicate illustration techniques to create a menagerie of pure escapism. See more...

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