Public Art – Schools

Public Art in Schools can consist of  creative writing workshops, drama and visual art.  The results of the workshops are used either to inspire the final art or become part of the Public Art.  Sometimes I work with Creative Writer Maria Whatton, See Children are taken on magical journeys into their own locality.  Other journeys may be  the Land of Mini Beasts and even World Wars.  At another Primary School, I collaborated with a variety of other artists including dancers and story tellers.  We recreated stories told from the older people in the community about WW2.  Children created ‘frozen pictures’  after acting out WW2 scenarios, which were then incorporated into the floor design for the new IT room.

What Can Public Art Do?

Public Art in Schools can be used to encourage creativity.  The images created for schools can also be educational.  Maths and Literacy can be used in the work, as can mini beasts, healthy eating, flora and fauna.  Workshops can be tailored to ask children to explore their local area with cameras or create collages.  If you are interested in a Public Art Work for your school I would be happy to come and meet with you to discuss your needs, please do not hesitate to contact me.



Paradise Junkie


Paradise Junkies is a Collaborative Design Studio between myself and Lara Skinner.  We combine photographic imagery with delicate illustration techniques to create a menagerie of pure escapism. See more...

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